About the Journal

Proceedings Virtual English Education Students Conference (VESCO) with (E) ISSN 2986-2442 are the selected papers that were presented at that Conference conducted at the Faculty of Teachers' Training and Education Universitas Subang. VESCO is an annual conference organized by the English Education Study Program. 

The VESCO is a discussion forum where scholars, researchers, teachers, lecturers, students, instructors, and practitioners from around the world can expose their ideas, research, and products on language teaching with a focus on English language teaching, applied linguistics, English literature, and education.

The title of the Proceedings is taken from the theme of the VESCO annually. It is expected that the Proceedings will be beneficial for the presenters, participants, and readers as well, as for those who are interested in developing the teaching and learning of English as a foreign language and expanding the world of research on international languages.