Pairing up to Build Confidence: Strategies for Reducing Speaking Anxiety in EFL Classrooms


  • Eka Nurlatifah Hidayat Universitas Subang
  • Slamet Wahyudi Yulianto Universitas Subang
  • Muhammad Anjar Nugraha Universitas Subang


Speaking Skill, Speaking Anxiety, EFL Classroom, Pair Work


This research paper aims to explore the causes of speaking anxiety in English as a Foreign Language (EFL) classrooms and suggest effective strategies for reducing it. The research paper uses semistructured interviews and questionnaires to collect qualitative data. The paper highlights the negative impact of anxiety on language learners' oral performance and overall language proficiency, with lower language skills often leading to higher levels of anxiety. In addition, the paper emphasizes the effectiveness of pair work activities in reducing anxiety and improving oral participation. Overall, the research paper sheds light on the importance of addressing anxiety through effective teaching strategies.