The Impact of Corrective Feedback on Students’ Writing of Argumentative Genre


  • Sylva Novia Aryanti Institut Pendidikan Indonesia Garut
  • Salma Syabila Institut Pendidikan Indonesia Garut
  • Marini Zaizahaini Institut Pendidikan Indonesia Garut


Written, Corrective feedback, Teacher feedback, Writing skills


In the teaching context corrective feedback is very important to develoved students’ writing. However, on the contrary some students still find it difficult to express their thoughts in writing courses. Therefore this research appears to be able to find out the extent to which lecturers' corrective feedback affects students' writing skills. This research is a case study with a qualitative approach, which was conducted at a private university in West Java. The data were collected from observation and interview. The data were analyzed using of through some techniques such as, data collection, data presentation, data reduction, and drawing conclusions. The data shows that corrective feedback could develoved students writing of argumentative teks such as generic structure involving thesis, argument, and conclusion. However for the aspect of linguistic features students still have problem in aspect grammatical. Furthermore, lecturers have to pay more attention to this aspect for correction, which is still a difficulty for some students.