Teacher Challenges in Assessing Students Speaking Ability during Online Learning System


  • Mochammad Nathan Sabian Toshikatsu


Teacher challenges, speaking assessment, online learning system.


The topic of online assessment has attracted the attention of many educators and researchers. However, the explanations on what the teacher face during the online assessment particularly when productive skills are in focus. The present study aims to find out the challenges faced by the teachers in assessing students speaking ability during online learning system. To serve the
aim, the research utilized the qualitative data which were collected from semi-structured interviews done with three teachers in one of the universities in Garut city. The findings showed that the teachers have the same experience. The teachers expressed that the technical problems remain the biggest hurdle that the teachers faced when assessing students speaking ability
during online. The teacher strategy and creativity are also key factors in successfully assessing students speaking ability during online. This study concludes that the involvement of the technology in the assessment requires careful preparations and sufficient technological knowledge.