Student’s Perceptions on the Implementation of Online English Assessment Using Google Form


  • Siti Maria Ulfah
  • Adhinni Millah
  • Jeremy Ibrahim Damopolii


Assessment, Perceptions, Google Form


The roles of Google Form in learning particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic have been highlighted by many researchers. However, the information regarding the role of the Google form in the assessment particularly from the student’s voice is still limited. This study aims to discover students' perceptions on the use of Google form as online assessment medium in the
English Classroom. The study which was carried out by using case study design was conducted to 5 participants which were asked to answer several interview questions. The result showed tha most of the participants agreed that Google form facilitates the assessment efficiently. The students claim that the applications were easy and efficient to use. However, the students also
shared that the applications work better when the connection is stable. This study concludes tha Google form gives potential offers not only towards the teaching and learning, but also towards the assessment.