Final Year Students' Perceptions on the Online Corrective Feedback Given by Teacher on Their Academic Paper


  • Aceng Nawawi
  • Ayu Listiani
  • Eka Nurma


Online corrective feedback, students’ perception, and writing skills


The emergence of Covid-19 has highlighted the importance of online corrective feedback on the students’ works. However, the contribution of such feedbacks on the students’ final papers which basically requires a thorough explanation remains under investigated. This study is aimed at analyzing the students’ perception of online corrective feedback given by the English teacher
on their academic paper. To achieve the objective, the interviews were conducted to 4 final years students’ of English department to determine whether the use of online corrective feedback was practical in assisting learners to improve their writing from the first draft to the final draft. The findings showed that the students indicated diverse responses. Some students claimed that online
corrective feedback is effective and, while some others said no. Some who stated that online corrective feedback is effective have the reasons that it is caused by the time efficiency and accessibility. Meanwhile, the ineffectiveness is believed to be caused by the quality of the feedback that is not complete enough. This study provides the implication that the lecturer should focus more on the contents while delivering the online corrective feedback.