Teacher Understanding of Mall Implementation in Teaching Pronunciation for College Students


  • Aldy Hakim Herlambang
  • Novia Julianti
  • N Halza Nurbasyariah I
  • Wanda Nissha Ul Hasanah


Implementation, Mall, Mobile, Pronunciation, Understanding


MALL offers excellent potential for university students' language learning. As confirmed by numerous studies conducted on utilizing mobile technology in language learning classrooms. However, amid modernization and the advancement of technology, not all educators can fully comprehend MALL-based learning and its implementation inside the classroom. The present study employed a case study research design to investigate the teachers' understanding of MALL implementation in teaching pronunciation for college students. The participants in this study are MALL-user lecturers. The data were collected from an open-ended interview and analyzed using inductive stages. The findings indicated that the teacher's understanding of implementing MALL in teaching pronunciation is sufficient and competent enough to implement the correct way of MALL in the teaching-learning process. The results also reveal that MALL has its own vital merits and disadvantages to be employed in the teaching and learning process. Furthermore, the results suggest that educators must set a learning media perimeter prior to the MALL process in teaching pronunciation. The results of this study are expected to enrich the pronunciation learning process and assist teachers and students in properly employing MALL inside the classroom to reach the maximum learning output.