An Analysis ofTeacher and StudentInteraction Patternsin an Online Learning Context


  • Salma Fitria
  • Risni Trianistia
  • Trisia Ananda Rinjani


Online Learning, Interaction Patterns, Zoom


The discussion regarding the interaction patterns between teacher and student is not new. However, the discussion of how the interaction patterns between teacher and student in the online setting is not much studied. Therefore, this study is an attempt to analyze types of interaction patterns the teacher used in Zoom Media. To achieve this goal, non-participant observation was used to collect the data. The data were analyzed qualitatively by recording, transcribing, hospitalizing, analyzing, and interpreting. The data show that there are three types of interaction patterns that were found; closed-ended teacher questioning, full-class interaction, and open-ended teacher questioning. It’s reflected that teachers mostly focus on how to make two-way communication. However, the development of students to become more independent is not explored during the learning process. As the implication, the teacher has to find out the ways to teach in order to apply all types of interaction patterns in the learning process.