Students' Perceptions of The Cake App as A Medium to Teach Vocabulary


  • Astri Puji Wahyuni
  • Restu Hidayat
  • Mita Nurdianti


Cake app, perception, vocabulary


In the 21st century, the use of technology in the teaching and learning process is undeniable. In the literature, researchs that focus on investigating the effects of technology on learning have been widely carried out. However, most research only provides a quantitative account. The views regarding the topics particularly from the students who are one of the key actors in the teaching and learning process have not been much investigated. This study aims to discover students' perceptions on the use of Cake Application as a medium to teach vocabulary. This study utilized a case study design and involved 5 students in one of the Elementary Schools in Garut. The participants who had been selected using purposive sampling were asked to join the interview and answer several guiding questions. The students' responses were analyzed qualitatively. The results showed that the students shared the same agreement regarding their views on the Cake Application as the medium in teaching vocabulary. The students agreed that Cake Application can increase their motivation in learning which eventually helps them in improving their vocabulary mastery. The results suggest that Cake Application is potential to be applied in teaching vocabulary.