Multimodal Analysis of Songs and Images in An Elementary English Classroom


  • Siti Fadia Nurhikam
  • Agisni Rahmayanti
  • Risfi Aulia


Elementary school, Image, Multimodal, Song


The potential effects the use of multimodal in the classroom have been widely recognized by many researchers. However, the descriptive account regarding how the teachers operate the variety of modes and how they treat the modes alongside their main materials is still limited. This study aims to analyz the functions of multimodal: song and image as modes used in an
English classroom at one of Elementary schools in Garut. Qualitative design was chosen to attain the objective. The study which followed a case study procedure observed and interviewed an English teacher who has been chosen purposively by using certain criteria. The data was analyzed with qualitatively analysis.The findings indicated that these two modes in this case:
song and image serve a complementary role to the main materials in the teaching and learning. The song helps the teacher make student interest in learning, and create a good atmosphere. Meanwhile the image helps the students brainstorm the ideas of the material taught by the teacher. Image was also used to visualize the object of material to lead the student into same
idea. In line with the findings, the study confirms the positive role of different modes in the elementary classroom.