Lecturers’ Difficulties In Combining Google Classroom And Whatsapp In Teaching Of English Essay Writing


  • Desi Ratna Sari
  • Putri Salsabila
  • Revi Herdianti


Combining, Difficulties, Google classroom, Online class WhatsApp


Google classroom and whatsapp are the most widely used platforms in the teaching and learning process during the Covid-19 pandemic. Nevertheless, the discussi on of how these two platforms are combined in teaching is still very low. Departing of that points,this study aims to investigate the problem that face by the lecturers in Combining Google Classroom And Whatsapp. Qualitative research embracing case study design was employed in this research. Theinstruments are semi structured interview conducted to two EFL lecturers in one of University of West Java. The result reveals that there are two main difficulties. First, the lecturers were difficult to develop good interaction with the student. More than that, the lecturers felt that the engagement of students was very low. Second, the lecturers had barriers in managing the time during teaching program. Specifically, the lecturers were aware that combining google classroom and whatsapp which still remained the promblem in conveying the material since there was no enough feature. To conclude, combining two applications in the teaching and learning process iss not adequate. Therefore, other applications are needed to complete the teaching and learning process.