Expanding EFL Student’s Vocabulary Through Tiktok Application In 4th Semester English Education Study Program, Universitas Subang


  • Indi Amelia
  • Irma Siti Fatimah
  • Salma Nurul Fitria
  • Indri Antika Fitriani
  • Ginanjar
  • Desti Wina Widiyarti


TikTok, Vocabulary


TikTok is a video sharing social network that is currently popular and widely used by many people. Tiktok has a unique feature of short videos in various genres. The videos produced from this platform have been widely used in various contexts including classroom teaching. It is possible that TikTok can have a role in attracting students' attention and introducing them to new English vocabulary through several selected videos from the app. Most students can barely pay attention to their teacher during offline or online classes. This may prevent them from actively participating in class activities. TikTok videos are shorter in duration with interesting and informative content, which of course can be used as teaching materials. The results showed that students showed increased levels of attention, interest and understanding of the subject matter taught in class through TikTok videos.