Implementation of the Role Play Method to Improving Students’ Speaking Skill


  • Indi Amelia
  • Indri Antika Fitriani


Communicative, Creativity, English Proficiency, Role Playing, Speaking


Students must be able to communicate in English in order to grasp the significance of English as an international language. However, not all students can communicate in English. The approach utilized does not stimulate speaking skills, hence it is vital to establish an English method to help pupils improve their speaking ability. It is used by almost everyone from all over the world to communicate in both formal and informal contexts. English language proficiency is critical in international interactions to be able to engage in the larger world of work, whether it be entrepreneurship or employees in domestic and international companies. The capacity to hold a conversation in a foreign language is used to assess speaking abilities. This reality leads instructors, particularly teachers and parents, to think that students and their children must develop speaking skills. Based on the above reasons, researchers concentrated on teaching English rather than teaching about the English Language. The focus is on increasing students' communicative abilities as well as their language abilities. Teachers must design situations to teach languages in a dynamic, active, and interesting manner in order to increase students' communicative capacities. Students frequently encounter various issues while learning to speak. The problem is that their native language makes it difficult for them to communicate in other languages. A lack of enthusiasm to practice a second language in ordinary speech is another cause. Many approaches can be used, including role playing, which has been shown to be successful in teaching speaking in numerous studies. As a result, researchers are interested in examining the use of role playing in English Proficiency learning to increase speaking skills. We also want to know about the advantages and challenges that students confront.