A Portrait of Task-Based Language Teaching in English Speaking Classroom in Junior High School


  • Melinia Hardin
  • Wandi Koswara
  • Noviani Sri Madani
  • Delisa Febriyanti


task-based language teaching, speaking


While much has been investigated about task-based language teaching (TBLT), research examining the application of task-based language teaching for junior high school students is still limited. This study analyzes how the implementation of task-based language teaching in learning English Speaking in a junior high school in West Java. This is a qualitative research with a case study design and involves an English teacher who has several years of experience in teaching English Speaking on a task-based. In data collection, the observation is made to obtain data, then analyze it with inductive data. The findings show that there are
incompatibility between lesson plans, task-based language teaching theory and practices carried out by teachers in the classroom. In addition, the teacher was too focused on giving
tasks that the implementation of teaching was poor. However, the teacher could apply it
properly if the teacher understood and learned more about task-based language teaching. By
discovering information about how to apply task-based language teaching, and not focusing too
much on tasks, teachers could apply task-based English learning according to the established
theory. Moreover, to obtain information about TBLT, it is necessary for teachers to attend
seminars or trainings about TBLT that understand how the concept and application of TBLT
are properly carried out.