The Differences Between Aphasia Broca’s In Adults and Children


  • Della Putri Ramdhani
  • Nabilla Yoes Catur Yusuf
  • Lusiana Suciati Dewi


Broca's aphasia, Broca's aphasia sufferers, language disorder


Humans are social beings who need interaction with each other. The most important thing in interaction is communication. Communication is a form of conveying information in the form of ideas or messages orally or verbally. Communication will run smoothly if the message conveyed by the speaker can be understood by the other person. If communication does not run
smoothly then there is a disturbance in communication. An example of a language disorder is broca's aphasia. According to the theory (Saputri, 2018) Aphasia is a type of language disorder caused by damage to the brain's function as a language processor. Language disorders are disorders that affect a person's ability to produce abnormal speech. The purpose of this study was to determine the differences between Broca's aphasia in children and adults. The method of data collection in this study was to analyze two YouTube videos about the differences between patients with Broca's aphasia in children and adults. The two videos were used as research samples by the researchers. Children with children have difficulty following the words that have been mentioned in children aged 5 years. In adults, they have difficulty communicating, such as too many pauses and repetitions when speaking.