An Analysis of Teacher Talk in Teaching EFL Students


  • Dilla Nurunnisa
  • Dinda Aura
  • Hera Yani
  • Putri Nurul


EFL, teachers talk, type of teachers talk


This study aims to find out the types of teacher talk used in teaching English procedure text in the classroom. This research approach is qualitative research using a case study design. The non-participant observation was used in the data collection technique. This research was conducted in one of the junior high schools located in a small city, West Java. The participants in this study were ninth-grade English teachers who were not graduates of English education background. The results showed that the types of teacher talk used by teachers in learning procedure text were asking questions, lecture, accepting or using ideas of learners, praising or encouraging, and giving directions. However, there are still lacking in this type of teacher talk, such as type of accepting feelings and criticizing. As an implication, the teacher should use all types of teacher talk, specifically accepting feeling has a function to create a comfortable and safe classroom atmosphere. In order, criticizing has a purpose to manage the students more interested and meaningful in the classroom.